let me tell you a little about myself…


My name is Rachele Genhofer and this is my portfolio, thank you for visiting. Here’s my background a nutshell, a big nut at that. I was born and raised in good ol’ Albany, N.Y. By the age of 5, my creative juices were already flowing and I began writing— lyrics, poetry, stories, etc. My drive and vision for more prompted me to try new things, take risks and carve out what my idea of a dream career is.

Simply put, I was born a creative. I have always seen the big picture, while taking careful note of the details, relationships and steps needed to nurture the small details that make these big things happen.

I’m not a sheep, I am a visionary.

Listen to my interview with Mark Grimm’s show “Siena Alumni Connection” on 88.3 the Saint here:

https://soundcloud.com/rgenhofer/alumni-connection-open-rachele-genhofer/s-jXoqn (intro)

https://soundcloud.com/rgenhofer/alumni-connection-part-one/s-O42km (part 1)

https://soundcloud.com/rgenhofer/part-2-of-the-siena-alumni-connection-interview/s-QtjNe (part 2)


2 thoughts on “let me tell you a little about myself…

  1. Kaye Richter says:


  2. awesome site rach! love the layout. its really clean and modern. I’ll have to dive into the blogs soon!

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