let me tell you a little about myself…


As noted by my url address and blog title, my name is Rachele Genhofer, and this virtual environment serves as my portfolio. Born and raised in Albany, N.Y., I realized by the time I was five, when I first began to write, sing, and (poorly) choreograph original songs, that I wanted far more out of life than something average — I wanted a story; thus I began to write.

I was born a creative; I have always been dreaming up new ideas or writing things down in my notebook. Growing up, I suffered from “ugly duckling syndrome,” I was a hopeless, and often rejected, romantic and not only did I believe in true love, I wanted it for myself. Heavily influenced by Disney, Barbie and the ’90s in general, I once thought that I had to be/think/act a certain way to be “attractive” and ultimately snag my “Prince Charming”— but I was wrong. Surrounded by the media who is actively shaping womankind to feel as if they had to fit a certain mode to be “desirable” to men, it became so blaringly evident that the only thing that needed to change was our mindset.

My goal as a relationship blogger is to break down the notion that women (or men for that matter) have to change who they are and what they believe to be “sexy,” “attractive,” or “desirable.” You’re amazing as you came, who you are and where you are and I hope that my writing shows that the only thing that isn’t sexy is conformity.

I’m not a sheep, I am a visionary.

Listen to my interview with Mark Grimm’s show “Siena Alumni Connection” on 88.3 the Saint here:

https://soundcloud.com/rgenhofer/alumni-connection-open-rachele-genhofer/s-jXoqn (intro)

https://soundcloud.com/rgenhofer/alumni-connection-part-one/s-O42km (part 1)

https://soundcloud.com/rgenhofer/part-2-of-the-siena-alumni-connection-interview/s-QtjNe (part 2)

2 thoughts on “let me tell you a little about myself…

  1. Kaye Richter says:


  2. awesome site rach! love the layout. its really clean and modern. I’ll have to dive into the blogs soon!

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